Tattoo Artist Inks Radical Lisa And Bart Simpson Flipbooks Onto 19 People

Photo: FOX (Getty).

It might be a tad expected, but “¡Ay, caramba!”

Back in February, tattoo artist Phil Berge had a dream: to create a badass kickflip flipbook (try and say that five times fast) performed by Bart Simpson. While a task such as this may not sound especially difficult, you have to remember that it would involve convincing several people to get a unique variation of the character in motion tattooed on their bodies for life. Any takers?

Bart Simpson Flipbook Created By Tattoo Artist Using 19 Separate Tattoos

bart simpson flipbook

Of course, with The Simpsons being the longest-running series on television, there were more than enough volunteers. 19, to be exact.

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To a lesser extent, Berge has recently one-upped (one-downed?) himself by posting a second flipbook, this time putting nerdy Lisa Simpson in the spotlight. Granted, he only got the cooperation of nine individuals this time — probably due to the fact that it’s Lisa — but you still gotta admire the spunk of this project. Oh, and if you’re into jazz, that, too.

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