Best Coen Brothers Movie Posters

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain(Getty Images)

The Coen brothers – Ethan and Joel, are some of the most respected filmmakers in the world, but maybe somewhat surprisingly, they are also some of the most productive directors ever. The sibling duo made 17 movies together as directors, and the vast majority of them were critically successful, often becoming cult classics as well. All their movies are ‘their’ in the sense that they have a particular style of making films, like Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino.

But the Coen brothers wouldn’t be the Hollywood powerhouse if they didn’t present a polished product everytime they got their creation in the cinemas. A huge part of that process is having the right movie poster and the two directors filmography is as beautiful and interesting in the movie halls as it is in the movie hallways, where the posters are.

We take a look at the best posters from the Coen brothers’ respected filmography.