Uh-Oh: Channel Ten Has Reportedly Lost The Rights To ‘The Simpsons’

¡Ay, caramba!

Weeknights might never be the same again, because struggling Australian broadcaster Network Ten has reportedly lost the rights to one of its most beloved shows, The Simpsons.

News Corp Australia reports that Network Ten has lost the rights to broadcast the latest series of The Simpsons, ending a 25-year tradition.

Ten reportedly offered 21st Century Fox too low a price for a bunch of its shows, including Modern Family and The Simpsons, which have supposedly been pulled from the air as Ten remains in administration.

A Network Ten spokesperson has told Crave Australia that “Fox content is not playing on Network Ten at this stage”.

A spokesman for Fox has also reportedly told News Corp that the company will remain open to negotiating new terms with Network Ten under its potential new owner CBS, which is finalising arrangements to take over the company.

Relive the glory days of Network Ten’s 6pm weeknight Simpsons screenings in this old promo video below, and try not to get too emotional.