10 Things That Have Dramatically Changed On ‘The Walking Dead’ Since the Beginning

Photo: AMC

Looking back at The Walking Dead, we’re noticing things have dramatically changed since the beginning. While we’ve had our season finale predictions in the past, as well as a bit of fun with our favorite “Walking Dead” tweets, right now we’re focused on how much things have changed in recent seasons compared to the pilot and its early episodes.

From the ways of the walkers to how hot the cast has gotten, we’re into it all. Not only has the cast changed and aged plenty along the way, but the turnover of characters, pace of episodes and Rick’s ability to call his son by the correct name have all taken drastic turns.

Come with us as we break down the 10 things that have dramatically changed on The Walking Dead since the beginning as we gear up for “all-out war” in season eight, premiering on Sunday, Oct. 22 on AMC. And if that doesn’t get you excited, check out the slide of Rosita bending over and remember why it is you still tune in.

10 Things That Have Dramatically Changed on ‘The Walking Dead’ Since the Beginning

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