Spectator Gets Drilled By Club That Snaps During World Long Drive Championship

Screenshot: Twitter

Heads up!

Odds are you missed the Round of 16 at the Volvik World Long Drive Championship being held at the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma Tuesday night because you were doing something more constructive with your time like jamming a screwdriver up your peehole or something, but that means you missed American Wes Patterson damn near impale a spectator with his driver that snapped after he swung the thing so damn hard.


You would think the worst thing that could possibly happen when you purchase a seat in a location like that for the World Drive Championship is that a competitor drops some major ass while swinging a club at 120 percent and you’re directly downwind from the point of impact. But no, instead this poor guy has to worry about getting shanked by a busted driver while he’s looking 400 yards down the fairway to see where Patterson’s ball wound up.

Thankfully this time around, the railing in front of him served its purpose and deflected the blow for the most part. Still, if that’s me that just got tagged by a broken club, I take the hint that it’s just not going to be my night at the casino, scoop up all of my belongings, walk directly past all of the tables and slot machines, get in my Honda Civic and of course, beeline it to the closest tit bar to celebrate the fact that I’m still alive…

h/t Golf Channel

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