What to Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Photo: Henrik Sorensen (Getty Images)

If there’s one date that most single people aren’t looking forward to, it would have to be the February 14 – the Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday when you’re supposed to spend your hard-earned money on useless gifts for your loved one and be grateful that you even have someone. How ever, what about those single people? Single people on Valentine’s Day usually believe that they should be miserable when there are a number of benefits you might not be considering. Thankfully, we’re here to show you the way and stop you from succumbing to the expected Cupid-induced depression.

TV Shows

While other people spend their time and, more tragically, money to indulge their partners for Valentine’s Day, your only concern is to indulge that one special person in your life you undoubtedly love very much – yourself. You get to spend some quality time with yourself, eating your favorite food, drinking your favorite alcohol, and watching some of those TV shows you never got around to seeing. Use this daily wisely to see if the Mother of Dragons will cross the sea or how far Francis Underwood will get while trying to satisfy his political cravings. Who needs real people and relationships when you can have masterfully written, fictional ones? Not you.


On the other hand, if you’re something of a workaholic, you might want to use this annoyingly sleazy holiday to get some more work done. Obviously, work is one of the greatest distractions in the world. Not only does it occupy the mind, it also comes with a financial incentive, which is always great. So, instead of being unnecessarily merry about being in a relationship, you can focus on the work and, actually, be useful. Before you know it, the unfortunate date will be gone and you will be able to look back at what you’ve done during the day. It’s certainly a much better option.

Something New

You could also spend your Valentine’s Day working on yourself. Sometimes all you need to find out more about yourself is one full day of self-exploration. Go out into the wild (not really in the Bear Grylls manner), try a new sport or meet someone completely new you had no reason to speak to at all. This new experience will tell you something about who you are and, interestingly enough, you might get surprised. Perhaps you’re a natural surfing talent, or an extremely skillful public speaker. Perhaps you’re not. But the most important thing is that you can reflect back on this day and realize that you’ve found out something new about yourself.

Someone Old

Of course, there’s also the option of going the other way. Instead of discovering a new part of your personality, you can call up someone you lost touch with and try to reconnect. People drift away from each other sometimes. It’s only natural. So, since you have time, why don’t you just phone up your high school friend and grab a couple of beers to catch up. This doesn’t mean that you need to be best buddies again after it. Sometimes you just need to reflect on your past choices so you can move on. Spend Valentine’s Day hearing a familiar voice, have a blast from the past and let it go.

House Party

Finally, if all else fails, you can simply throw a party. There is no better way to spend a Valentine’s Day than with a bunch of drunk strangers at a house party. These parties are something of a dying breed, but you can be the one who’ll bring them back to life. Just make sure you alert the neighbors and buy enough alcohol because there’s nothing angrier than a semi-drunk mob at a party that has gone dry.

As you can see, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t bad at all. You have a number of options and all of them are certainly better than wasting your money on cheesy gifts for your potential love interests.


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