Sharon Stone Showed Off Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition Video And It’s Perfect

Screenshot: Twitter/Sharon Stone

It’s been 25 years since Basic Instinct was released, a movie that most remember for one scene — you know the scene we’re talking about. But we can’t forget who made that scene and that entire movie work: it was Sharon Stone. And Stone decided to remind us all how perfect she was for the role of Catherine Tramell by sharing a clip of her audition.

Now this tape has been around on the internet for a while now, but the 59-year old (who is still smoking hot) shared it on her Twitter as part of “Way Back Wednesday.” Whatever that means.

Take a look at it below thanks to Stone’s Twitter.

It’s pretty clear that Stone was born for that role. And yeah, she’s always been super attractive.

And in 2009, the New York Post revealed that Stone actually wore “an Armani pantsuit and a sheer blouse with no bra underneath just to show she had no problem with nudity,” and after eight months of auditioning, got the role.

And all that hard work led to this iconic scene.


h/t Someecards

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