Best Video Game Tattoos On Instagram

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Long way have video games come in a span of few decades, from a leisure time kids around the block spend their coins on to one of the most powerful industries and perhaps being the fourth most important type of art in the world. These stories we take part in have become huge parts of our personal stories, the same way movies and books can be, hence, video game tattoos have become fairly common. Also, quite possibly one of the better things to inspire tattoos in general due to the richness of the visual aspects of video games.

Like video game memes, video game tattoos are another bit of the video game sphere that gamers will appreciate. We take a look of some of the best video game tattoos out there that will inspire you, and perhaps even introduce you to some games you don’t know.

Video Game Tattoos

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Bioshock is regarded as one of the most artistic video games of all time since it carries powerful themes and messages. The quote that could’ve easily found its place in our manly quotes article just adds to the beauty and the strength game image carries. When it comes to general tattoos with messages, this one is near the top.

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Oh, what gaming list of any kind can pass without Lara Croft making an appearance. One of the most iconic video game characters had many iterations and this fan of it chose perhaps the most fitting one. It without a doubt celebrates the video game Lara, and the style of the tattoo emphasizes it just enough so that this piece of art doesn’t look cartoonish.

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Video game tattoos don’t all have to be serious, life-like, or grand, nor are the games we play. Fallout games are such, but there is this – probably most tattooed video game character – of Pip Boy who is very pinupy. Even without knowing the person who tattooed this, you can see that the tat should be amusing but that it also has a deeper meaning to the person.

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Sometimes a video game tattoo simply takes your breath, and this orc tattoo from the World of Warcraft sphere is one of them. Garrosh Hellscream is the orc in question, and he is so life-like and detailed that the underappreciated Warcraft movie could’ve used this tattoo artist for computer generated images.

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Another portrait from one of the most popular games, but one that goes a completely different route stylistically since it utilizes that retro feel. This Starcraft combat medic almost seems like a postcard Terran soldiers send their friends, and also like a futuristic badass Pin Up girl.