Watch the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con Trailer

“I was born to rule the seven kingdoms…and I will.”

As part of the annual Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con International, HBO dropped a new trailer for the seventh season. This a first for the series, since the show hasn’t debuted episodes in the summer before this year. That means fans are getting a unique glimpse at the weeks ahead.

In the trailer, the seven kingdoms begin to react to Daenerys’ return to Dragonstone, and not all of them are happy about it. Queen Cersei is using “the Mad King’s daughter” as an excuse to rally support and even Jon Snow’s bannermen don’t seem crazy about the idea of joining forces with the Mother of Dragons. But there’s at least one woman who is already laying the groundwork for an alliance between Jon and Daenerys, and it’s someone that we haven’t seen since last season.

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The footage also suggests that Davos has already realized that Daenerys and her dragons could be the key to stopping the Night’s King and his army of the undead. But the real question is whether Jon can maintain the support of his followers when they are already afraid of what she represents. Considering what happened the last time Jon went against his followers, he may want to watch his back.

HBO will premiere the second episode of Game of Thrones season 7 this Sunday.

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Photo Credit: HBO