Random Dude Goes Viral After Showcasing Perfect Broadcast Voice

Many of us sports fans did it as a kid — turn to the game on the TV, mute it, put on your best broadcaster voice and provide your own play-by-play or commentary. We all thought we were great at doing our own Joe Buck, Vin Scully, Al Michaels or Marv Albert. But this guy below is on another level.

His name is Bob Menery, and his ‘broadcaster voice’ sounds like this.

Menery is actually an unemployed comedian from Massachusetts who used this voice as a schtick. But as USA Today points out, once his videos went viral, he received over 300 phone calls in a single afternoon. So maybe he does have some kind of a future in the field. If I’m a low minor league baseball team, I’m certainly giving this guy a call.

And just to prove he’s not fake, here’s a bonus video via Bro Bible.

THIS IS AMAZING, GIVE HIM A JOB @nbcsports @foxsports @espn

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.