Watch Halle Berry Chug A Glass Of Whiskey Like A Damn Gangster At Comic-Con

Photo: Twitter / Alanna @ SDCC

Whiskey, the drink that almost instantly gives you the courage to talk to women, is a go-to beverage for anyone fond of grown-up juice consumption. Be careful, though, just as quick as it gives you guts, it can also have you throwing up those guts if you slam too much too quickly.

That being the case, it’s rarely a good idea to chug a glass of whiskey; the results can be disastrous. You could end up regretting the previous night, even if you can’t remember a damn moment of it. Only true gangsters have the tolerance to do such a thing.

Evidently, Halle Berry is a G.

Halle Berry Chugs Whiskey Like A Gangster At Comic-Con

While doing a panel at Comic-Con, Halle threw down a nearly full glass of straight whiskey and showed that she should be the love of your life.

We are not worthy.

For this kind of performance, I’m willing to forget that awful Catwoman movie ever happened and erasing it from existence. I mean…damn, girl.

It’s pretty clear Halle can drink us all under the table. At 50 years of age, she showed that her liver is pretty solid, adding to the many fine traits she has. Check out some of her Instagram posts to see what I’m talking about.

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