Man Tries To Photobomb Wife’s Workout, Almost Kills Himself

Screenshot: Instagram

What started off as an attempt to be funny ended up…well, we’ll just let you watch.

Karli Jaeckel, who describes herself as a “fitness entrepreneur,” was filming herself doing an exercise routine when her husband decided to be funny and photobomb her. Karli’s husband attempts to do some sort of aerobics behind Karli in the kitchen and let’s just say he completely failed — so much so he almost killed himself.

Check out the video below thanks to Karli’s own Instagram.

Man Tries To Photobomb Wife’s Workout, Almost Kills Himself 


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Holy hell, that dude almost died before out eyes. According to Karli her husband is OK, but man, it looks like that dude probably had a headache for days after that. But everything happens for a reason because now he’s gone viral. And all it took was an almost head injury.

Well, here’s hoping some company sends that poor dude some free icepacks.

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