Vlogger Unknowingly Eats Poisonous Plant While On Livestream

Everyone is live-streaming everything these days. And we mean everything as people want to make sure that their “audience” is part of the action. They also want a lot of views. Well one woman got the views she wanted, but she almost killed herself in the process.

A Chinese vlogger only known as “Zhang” was trying to show her viewers the health benefits of eating Aloe Vera in a video she titled “Aloe Vera Feast.” But here was the problem: Zhang wasn’t eating Aloe Vera. She was actually eating Agave Americana, a very poisonous flowering plant from Mexico that looks similar in appearance to Aloe Vera.

And let’s just say that you can tell the moment the 26-year-old’s face changes when she realizes that what she just ingested is probably not Aloe Vera.

Is it just me or does Zhang say “oh shit”? Sounds like it.

What you didn’t see is that only moments later Zhang comments that her mouth has gone numb and her throat is “on fire.” Zhang shuts off the live stream and heads to the hospital where she discovers that she had already developed severe blisters and rashes.

Agave (left) and aloe vera (right) look similar. Photo: (Getty)

Agave (left) and aloe vera (right) look similar. Photo: (Getty)

Zhang had to have her stomach pumped in order to remove the pieces or poisonous plant from her stomach. Zhang is now OK, but holy hell, this gal almost died in order to show her viewers some “health benefits.” She should probably rename her video, “This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Agave Americana.”

h/t Viral Thread

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