Ranking the 12 Best Live-Action Disney Movies of All Time

Photo: Disney

When it comes to ranking Disney live-action classics, we think our work speaks for itself. Then again, people can get pretty territorial about their favorite childhood movies, especially if there’s ranking involved. Yeah, we’re going to do it anyways.

From the coolest of runnings to the forgotten moments of flight to the most adventurous of animal movies, Disney has really rocked it all, including a few live-action remakes like Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book. Between the nostalgia of our youth and the advancement of moviemaking, it’s tough to say which depictions of great stories hold a candle to the next, but luckily, between our unlicensed advise and extensive movie-watching experience, we’re attempting to order Disney’s best real-life movies in order to drive you nuts.

Setting aside the animation, we’re getting down to ranking the 12 best movies that moved using real-life human actors (or close enough) and a bit of Disney magic. When you’re done, you can forward your hate mail to Disney for making this possible.

Ranking the 12 Best Live-Action Disney Movies of All Time

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