Exclusive Preview | Frank Cho’s ‘Skybourne’ # 4

Almost two thousand years ago, Lazarus was called back to life in one of most famous Biblical resurrections. According to the world of Frank Cho’s Skybourne, Lazarus went on to father three superpowered children: Thomas, Grace, and Abraham Skybourne. Each of the Skybourne children seemingly had immortality…until Grace was murdered by Merlin in the first issue of the series.

After a slight hiatus, Skybourne returns next week with the penultimate issue of the five-issue miniseries. Thomas may have been called back into action by the death of his sister, but he’s far from ready to save the world. Unfortunately for him, Merlin has already located Pandora’s Gate in a wild bid to destroy humanity. And along the way, Merlin unleashed every mythological creature that was locked up by his enemies.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from Skybourne # 4, Thomas gets ready for his rematch with the Minotaur. But he’ll also have to get past a dragon if he wants a chance to save the world.

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This issue was written and drawn by Frank Cho, who also drew the cover. Marcio Menyz is the colorist for this series, with Ed Dukeshire on letters. Here’s the official description from Boom! Studios:

“As Merlin takes his final steps to eliminate humanity, Skybourne must contend with not only a dragon, but an ancient unearthed evil in order to defeat the magician once and for all.”

Skybourne # 4 will be released this Wednesday, July 5, in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Boom! Studios