‘Better Call Saul’ is Finally Renewed for Season 4

It took a ridiculously long time, but it’s finally official: Better Call Saul is coming back for a fourth season.

The Breaking Bad spinoff has been one of AMC’s flagship series since it premiered, but the network was curiously slow about renewing it this year. However, the deal is done and Better Call Saul will return in 2018 with a new round of episodes.

“Supporting artists we respect and admire; delivering truly outstanding character development and nuanced dramatic twists and turns; continuing a legacy of bold creative choices; loving writing that is the best in the business: Truly, ‘S’all good, man’” said AMC President Charlie Collier. “Congratulations to Vince, Peter, Bob and everyone involved with Better Call Saul. Bring on season four!”

While the series has tracked the moral decay of Jimmy McGill as he becomes the “criminal lawyer” Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, the third season finale pulled Jimmy back from the edge as he attempted to make amends with the people in his life. Then this happened.

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The general consensus from the show’s creative team is that Chuck really is dead, and the fallout will be explored next season. Leave it to one of TV’s best villains to make his last words to his brother so hateful. We’ll miss seeing Michael McKean on this series, but Chuck was truly a character who was easy to hate. McKean’s performance gave Chuck all the humanity that he had.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. This could cause Jimmy to slip even further back into his old ways, or he may try to be even more moral than before, if only to prove his brother wrong. But in the long arc of the series, there’s no way that Jimmy can fully become Saul while Kim is still in his life. And that’s the key question going forward: how will Jimmy ultimately lose Kim? And will we see what happened to Jimmy’s future self, Cinnabon Gene, after his collapse in the third season premiere? Hopefully we’ll find out next year.

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Photo Credit: AMC/Sony Pictures TV