10 Amazing Comic Books to Read for Pride Month

June is the beginning of summer. Tt’s the rush of excitement and preparation leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, and for many countries all over the world it is Pride Month! Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an ally, there is an abundance of ways to celebrate and an abundance of content to focus on throughout the year – but in celebration during the month of June in particular.

Comic books have more openly queer content now than ever before, representing the diverse spectrum that unites under the rainbow flag. No matter what you are a looking for or who you are, there are places to find queer representation across a number of publishing companies.

Some of these characters haven’t always been LGBTQIA+, but it has since become an integral part of their identities, whereas others were always queer and their fictional biography sprang up around that fact. In many ways this dichotomy is representative of queer representation, slowly emerging and making its way into mainstream comic book publications.

Below is a list of titles that we think not only represent the queer community well, but tell great stories accompanied by some amazing art! They range from all-ages to adult and are readily available in most local comic book stores as well as all over the internet. Queer content can be found everywhere from independent slice-of-life autobiographical content to big time superhero fighty-fighty stories. We hope that in our Ten Amazing Comic Books to Read for Pride Month you can find something that represents you and your tastes in literature.


Ten Amazing Comic Books to Read for Pride Month:

Top Photo: Boom! Studios


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