Exclusive Preview | Secret Empire: Brave New World # 1

Thanks to the machinations of Captain America, Hydra has finally conquered the Earth in Marvel’s Secret Empire event. But as you can probably imagine, Cap’s teammates in the Invaders may have hard feelings about watching their friend take up the same fascist ideology that they fought so hard against in the second World War.

Next week, the Invaders will come back together in Secret Empire: Brave New World # 1, a new five-issue anthology series that tells different short stories from across the Marvel Universe. For the first issue, writer Paul Allor, artist Brian Level, and colorist Jordan Boyd have joined forces for a five-part adventure that brings the original Human Torch and Toro down to Atlantis, as they seek the aid of their former teammate, Namor. But as you can see in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview, Namor has problems of his own…and he’s not exactly thrilled to see his old friends show up on his doorstep.


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This issue will also feature a Giant-Man story by Jeremy Whitley and Diego Olortegui, as well as a Gwenpool tale by Nick Kocher and Tana Ford. Here’s the official description from Marvel.

Steve Rogers, Captain America, Liberty’s most dedicated defender is actually the Supreme Leader of Hydra. Faced with this adversity, the world’s heroes have two choices: stand and fight or fall in line. See how Earth’s protectors come to grips this earth-shattering revelation in an action packed first issue featuring Gwenpool, Giant-Man and Steve’s oldest allies, THE INVADERS!

Secret Empire: Brave New World # 1 will be released on Wednesday, June 7th in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics. 


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