‘Price Is Right’ Hyper Nerd Sets Plinko Record, Goes Bananas

Game show producers want two things: participants who are incredibly fun to watch … and taquitos. Conveniently compact, portable and delicious, who doesn’t want deliciously wrapped meat inside a warm corn torilla? But back to enthusiasm

‘Ryan’ here below is a game show producer’s dream, after setting the Price Is Right stage on fire with his zest for life. Well that, and breaking the all-time Plinko record.

Watch him go completely off the rails even before taking the Plinko platform. The record is just the icing on the cake and his reactions and crowd-involvement take this entire segment to a whole new level.

$31.5. Not bad? After taxes it’s more like $16-20. Still enough for a cheap car or paying off your student loans.

The Twitter reactions are great. Below is another video in case the Youtube version is removed.

All of this action after a $1 bid. Well, done Ryan. Well done indeed.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.