Panda Express Employee Captures Scary Footage Of Explosion Of Truck Carrying 9,000 Gallons Of Gas

Photo: Facebook

Panda Express employees at a Panda Express probably weren’t expecting this chaos when they started their shift, as a huge explosion occurred when a tanker truck carrying 9,000 gallons of gas crashed, unfortunately killing the driver inside.

The smoke and the fire was so intense, that it could be seen from eight miles away, and 200 residents had to be evacuated from the area. Nearby highways were also closed because of the incident.

Check out the crazy footage below shot by a Panda Express employee working nearby the accident.

Crazy stuff.

“You could hear the tanker hit and the cars just exploding one after another,” Metta Xiong, a manager of the Panda Express said.

Police believe that the truck was going too fast when it exited the highway, which caused the tanker to hit a concrete divider and overturn; the fuel then began to spill and ignited soon after. This was what the scene looked like afterwards.

Photo: KCRA

Photo: KCRA

While the driver sadly passed away, no other person was injured.

The city is also looking into the possibility that some of the gas may have leaked into the drain system, contaminating water that is filtered for drinking. Damn.

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