Good Movies From the 21st Century That Are Criminally Underseen

Perfect Sense (2011)

One of good romance movies that guys will be able to enjoy aswell as it does the romance part pretty realistically in the setting of a brilliant sci-fi premise. Despite starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, the movie is listed at Box Office Mojo as to have had just a $2,959 total gross in the USA. Condemned by the critics, but loved by the audiences, Perfect Sense was unjustifiably swept under the rug, and hopefully, due to director’s David Mackenzie’s success with Hell or High Water, people will take notice.

Never Let Me Go (2010)
Good, unknown movies

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Good drama movies that offer more in terms of the grandeur of its topics, themes, and settings are hard to come by, making Never Let Me Go a true hidden gem. A movie that is best watched with as little of preknowledge possible, as the story of three friends doesn’t follow any patterns and is truly original. Shot beautifully, setting the world effortlessly, it’s surprising how Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield couldn’t gather more attention and how the movie made only $2,434,652 in America.

Flipped (2010)

A rare movie that can be enjoyed by all ages of the family, even by adult men, yet it somehow didn’t get a percentile of attention animated movies parents have to sit through are getting. Despite having a proven director in Rob Reiner, this story about innocent first love and first life lessons grossed only $1,752,214 in the United States, on a $14 million budget. A perfect film of its kind, with everything from cinematography to acting and the atmosphere carrying its part.

Impostor (2001)

Based on a short story by the master of sci-fi Philip K. Dick, Impostor is unjustifiably shunned as a sub-par movie. And there was a vast estimated budget of $40,000,000 behind this sci-fi mystery, while it only earning a fraction of the investment domestically – $6,114,237. With a similar vibe to the much more famed Dick’s story big screen adaptation Minority Report, Impostor puts Gary Sinise in the role of a government weapons specialist that is accused of being an alien Trojan horse. The audience is along for the main characters struggle to prove his innocence and this dirty film is surely one of the forgotten, good sci-fi movies.

The East (2013)
Good movies that flew under the radar

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Follow the trail of Brit Marling and you’ll find quite a few of interesting, unique, bold movies that didn’t get the attention they deserved. Unlike in I Origins, Brit plays the main role in The East, a story about an undercover agent who infiltrates an eco-terrorist group which targets big corporations as a reprisal for their unpunished crimes. Having Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page, and Toby Kebbel in the movie didn’t fill the theater seats, which is why this socially conscious, exciting, hard movie didn’t become a commercial success.

Are there some other good movies from this century that have been criminally underseen?

Good Movie Underseen is One Crime, Being Underrated is Another.