The Killers ‘Mr. Brightside’ Is 13-Years-Old And Somehow Still On The Charts

Photo: YouTube

Everyone and their mom knows every word to The Killers “Mr. Brightside,” and how can you not? It’s a great freaking song, and is pretty easy to sing along to. But while the hit was on the band’s 2004 album “Hot Fuss,” it is still on the charts, even 13 years after it was released.

When it was released, the song peaked at number ten on the Billboard’s Hot 100, which is good, but not great. So something tells us that the Vegas band wasn’t expecting to become the most played song of the 2000s, as it’s still on the freaking charts.

Mark Savage, a BBC music reporter, shared the most played songs by decade, and of course, this tune was number one. Take a look at the tweet below. 

Now I get seeing Christmas songs on the list as you hear them every year, but “Mr. Brightside” being on the list is pretty damn incredible.

People are still loving this song off what is also one of the best albums of the 2000s.

Now let’s all sing together:


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