Aaron Judge Asks Yankees Fans What They Think About Aaron Judge, Have No Clue They’re Talking To Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is a 6-foot-7 behemoth of a man who is absolutely murdering pitching right now, tied with the Major League lead with 14 home runs. He’s also a rookie, so many casual fans aren’t familiar with the Yankees outfielder just yet. But they’re about to be.

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to take advantage of the 25-year-old’s sudden stardom by setting the outfielder up behind a booth at Bryant Park in New York City to ask Yankees fans what they think about Aaron Judge — of course the result was that many didn’t realize they were actually talking to AARON JUDGE.

The reactions are priceless.


Fallon did the same thing with Matt Harvey back in 2013 with great success as well.

New Yorkers, slow to catch on to those sports players.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.