Awesome Heist Movies From This Century

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Unmarked bills, masks, and more planning than your family’s relaxing vacations in Tulsa, heist movies are one of the most universally beloved subgenres, probably because they coincide with our collective fantasies. Whether you want to pick up some tricks for your own fulfillment of the Robin Hood dream, or just want to be entertained and engaged by the screen, these newer films from this century will help you out.

Hope this doesn’t make me an accomplice unless you actually pull it through, in which case we split everything 50/50, like brothers, or invest it all in Michael Bay movies.

Inside Man (2006)

A textbook heist movie with certain amplifications that make it special and stand out from the crowd. The movie gets immediate 10 points for coolness just by starring Denzel Washington, who takes on a role of a detective/hostage negotiator. Opposing the underappreciated Clive Owen as the master planner, the detective tries to catch the bank robbers in what they consider as the perfect heist. Directed by Spike Lee, Inside Man is an almost forgotten gem, and one of the best movies of the year surely, not just in the crime genre.

Inception (2010)

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The juggernaut that might skip some minds when thinking about heist movies as it doesn’t deal with the usual story of stealing money, rather with a much more original one of stealing, and then implementing ideas, thoughts via dreams. Besides the money part, you have everything that an amazing heist movie has, several layers to the story, significant motivation, monumental sets, insane stunts, and an array of interesting, diverse characters. Christopher Nolan with Inception managed to undeniably show that he is the most ambitious director working today and he incepted our imagination with this hit.

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More of a rip and run type of bank robbery movie, but one that was too good to be skipped over, as it is the biggest surprise of 2016 and has heist movies elements. Dealing with much more than robbing banks, delivering on social commentary, numerous ageless themes presented in a sophisticated, unimposing manner, proving that director David Mackenzie is one of the most low-key prospects. Chris Pine surprises with the performance of his career, and Ben Foster makes the viewer convinced he was born to play this role. An instant classic that wastes no time, no line, and no shot.

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One of the movies that gave the upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt authority in Hollywood after his recognizable child role in the 3rd Rock From the Sun. Getting an actors’ dream part as a psychologically troubled lead man in a movie that doesn’t revolve completely around that, Levitt plays an interestingly named Chris Pratt, a former high school hero who ended up in a dead-end job at a bank. It isn’t an A to B to C kind of movie, subtly it delivers on some topics to think about besides the actual robbing of the bank, and the underrated Matthew Goode delivers a killer performance.

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As almost any great heist movie, The Italian Job has a wide ensemble cast and is very high-paced with the cool factor going through the roof. The remake of the 1969 British movie of the same name shows how revisits of older movies should be made, with certain nods to the original while still having plenty new to offer. Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, and Edward Norton come together in a movie where professional bank robbers go after a former member who conned them of their prey. Elaborate plans, crazy stunts, and role-centered characters – The Italian Job is the poster boy for heist movies.

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If any Hollywood actor decides to rob a bank one day it will be Jason Statham as he has the most experience doing it, starring in this movie as well. Yet, it’s a completely different take on the heist films, as Statham’s character isn’t a pro, nor is his crew, yet they are tasked with an important job of breaking into a bank and stealing a nationally important item. A wackier take on the beloved subgenre, The Bank Job is as much a comedy movie as it is a heist one, providing both excitement and fun at the same time. Yet, the craziest part is that the movie is based on a true story.

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Arguably the biggest movie of the break of the century in regards to how much buzz it created, and it did that by casting three of Hollywood’s biggest stars in George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts, surrounded by an ensemble cast that included Matt Damon and Andy Garcia. Although, Elliott Gould shined the most in the long array of supporting characters. The granddaddy of heist movies of the XXI century choose the perfect location for an entertaining heist movie – Las Vegas and went with the usual formula from there. Also placing humor and romance in there for a sure hit at the box office, unfortunately, it spawned two unworthy sequels, who kinda tarnished its legacy.

Would you put some other heist movies on this list, like Vin Diesel’s Fast Five or Ben Affleck’s The Town? Obviously, they are not to our liking but share your thoughts in the comments.

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