Female Overwatch Player Records Sexist Harassment as Teammates Say They “Raped Her”

A female Overwatch player has recorded the harassment she received during a session of the game, with two players making sexist comments towards her over a 16-minute period, with one of them saying that they’d “raped her” after she argued against their behavior.

The video, posted in February but currently doing the rounds online, was uploaded after Glisa recorded Overwatch players Acayri and Joel making a series of sexist comments about her while she played alongside them, including suggesting that “Glisa’s setup is in the kitchen” because “she’s a woman,” and saying: “I like Americans because they’re good at raping people.”

After enduring the pair’s comments for over 3 minutes, Glisa eventually decided to speak up. “Just in case anyone was wondering what sexual harassment looks like, this is it,” she said, with Acayri and Joel mocking her statement. “We basically just raped her,” Acayri said, to which Joel replied: “Dude no, she’s gonna record this, watch out…”

However, this didn’t prevent the harassment from continuing, with Joel saying that female gamers “can’t play games and be good at them,” with Acayri adding: “That’s true, so they just pick the hottest girl characters.” After the match was over, Glisa had a parting message for the pair: “Thanks for the content, babes.”

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Blizzard has attempted to make Overwatch one of the more inclusive FPS games on the market since launch, with it having a varied cast of characters with widespread appeal. However, it’s inevitable that a few rotten eggs will slip through the cracks, and both Acayri and Joel are pretty much the archetypal online trolls who no one wants to find themselves on a team with.

We’ve contacted Blizzard about the video, and will update this story if we hear back. You can watch the video below: