Imagine If Real People Were Actually In Those ‘Real People’ Car Advertisements

Photo: YouTube

We’ve all seen the commercials. A car manufacturer enlists “real people” to take part in a survey about their automobiles, and the experience is turned into an advertisement for all to see.

The point of these ads is to give the audience a glimpse of what a genuine reaction looks like to the awesomeness of the cars, trucks and SUVs the company is trying to sell. Chevrolet is currently trying to sell you their stuff using this approach, and I can’t help but call bullshit every time I see it.

It’s good to know there are people like Ali Shahriari and Dave Irwin, who together operate the Zebra Corner YouTube page that mocks ads who use “real people.” Some of their best work takes aim at Chevrolet, and one can’t help but repeatedly LOL when these guys do work.

In one video, Dave plays a guy named “Mahk” with a heavy Boston accent. As he takes part in the survey, Mahk sounds just like me — minus the accent — when calling out Chevy. I think I have a new hero.

 Real People In “Real People” Chevy Ads

Don’t ever believe what you see on television, kids. Even reality shows are scripted and nothing is real, so you might as well make YouTube videos wherein you make fun of everything. And if you buy a Chevy, I hope things work after it passes that all-important “initial quality” mark.

Zebra Corner has done more than just one of these spoof ads for Chevy, too. Here’s another great one for the road:

h/t Adweek

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