Christopher Nolan Could Be The Next James Bond Director, According to IMDb

Christopher Nolan could be set to take over directorial duties on the next James Bond movie, if a listing posted to IMDb is anything to go by.

Earlier this week, Birth.Movies.Death Editor-At-Large Phil Nobile Jr. posted a (now-deleted) tweet in which he mocked a listing on IMDbPro, the paid version of the film database. The listing claimed that Syncopy, Nolan’s production company, was responsible for developing Bond 25, the placeholder title given to the upcoming 25th James Bond film. This would indicate that Nolan would be in the director’s chair for the film, along with being its co-producer.


Image Credit: Twitter / Phil Nobile Jr.

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While Nobile Jr. believed this to be misinformation on the part of IMDb, the fan account @Bond25Film followed up with the site and received confirmation that the listing was accurate, and that Syncopy is indeed producing Bond 25.

Since news of the listing began to spread online, IMDb has removed it from the site. This could indicate that the information was incorrect and the database is attempting to rid the internet of the evidence of its mistake, or that it wasn’t allowed to share details of the upcoming film at this time.

With so many hoping that Bond would lighten up a bit following the drab Spectre, Nolan may not be the first choice director for 007 fans. Best known for his The Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan is set to release Dunkirk in July, based upon a World War II evacuation mission that took place on the French beaches of the same name. The film will star Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Harry Styles.

Featured Image Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images