Exclusive Preview | ‘Hidden America With Jonah Ray’ Season 2

This week, it’s time to revisit Hidden America with Jonah Ray, Seeso’s unconventional comedy series that essentially parodies every travel show…especially the one hosted by Anthony Bourdain.

In each episode, Jonah Ray and his film crew visit a different city and create new comedic sketches about the various aspects and people that he encounters there. It’s all scripted, of course, but it’s played with such a dry sense of humor that could even fool some people into thinking that it’s real.

Take for example, this exclusive preview from Hidden America‘s upcoming episode in Washington D.C., which takes a look at the area’s punk legends, including The Final Steps, a “politically minded straight edge hardcore band” that lived up to their legend…right up until the point that they didn’t. For the first minute or so, it’s totally plausible for this band to have existed. And you’ll figure out when things take a turn for the strange and bizarre.

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Also coming up this season Hidden America is the crossover that you never expected: Anthony Bourdain is making a guest appearance on this show! And he may have a few things to say about Jonah’s show. But the first episode of the season will deal with Jonah’s misadventures in Miami, and the fallout from the first season.

Every episode of Hidden America with Jonah Ray season 2 will be released on Thursday, May 4 on Seeso.

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Photo Credit: Seeso


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