Movie Composers Made for Music Festivals

Photo: Jim Dyson (Getty Images)

The concert tour garnering the most buzz this spring hasn’t been Rock ‘n Roll of Famers the Red Hot Chili Peppers nor king of the pop charts Bruno Mars, but Hans Zimmer. The 10-time Academy Award nominee (he won for 1995’s Best Original Musical Score for The Lion King) has been making a lot of noise at concert venues and music festivals across Europe and North America.

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Zimmer, who got his start as a member of The Buggles, the one-hit wonder band best known for their MTV-defining hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, has emerged from behind the movie curtain to dazzle crowds with a scantily clad 70-piece orchestra that brings to life his signature soundtracks for Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

You can just see the faces of concert promoters with money symbols in their dead eyes, mocking up whiteboards with composers to play their festivals. Well, I’ve done the heavy lifting for them, rounding up eight Movie Composers Made for Music Festivals.


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