Top 5 Canadian Films To Check Out From The Hot Docs Festival

The Hot Docs Festival, running from April 27th to May 7th, is touting a lot of big names in documentary filmmaking, and there’s a healthy serving of Canadian talent on the bill. Here are the top 5 Canadian films to check out from the Hot Docs Festival.

A Better Man

Directed by Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackman, A Better Man follows a couple as they work through their abusive past in what they consider to be their new future.


Kalina Bertin is about to make major waves in the documentary filmmaking world with her debut project Manic, which chronicles the life of her father, who suffered from mental illness, as well as two of her siblings, who also endured similar challenges.

Let There Be Light

The most expensive and complex science experiment ever conducted is a current attempt to build an artificial sun on Earth. If it works – and that’s a big if – it means cheap, clean energy for the entire globe. Will they succeed? Check out Let There Be Light to find out.

The Quiet Zone

Did you know that in a remote part of West Virginia there’s the so-called National Radio Quiet Zone, home to the largest steerable radio telescope, which offers escape from the headaches, confusion and muscle soreness associated with extreme forms of electrical sensitivity? Watch The Quiet Zone to learn more about this incredible elusive place.

Who Is Arthur Chu?

Well, Arthur Chu had an 11-game streak en route to a six-figure payday on Jeopardy, and his game play ignited the Internet, attracting both critics and champions. However, it’s his life away from the keyboard and podium that provides the real insight to his identity. Learn more about this intriguing pop culture figure in Who Is Arthur Chu?