A Woman Used Her Boyfriend’s Balls To Apply Makeup To Her Face (Warning: NSFW)

Luxury Beauty. Photo: Plume Creative (Getty).

Now that’s ballsy.

When you’re in love, there are several things that you do in an effort to express said love and emotion to your significant other. Surprising them for lunch, buying them flowers, agreeing to a co-op session for Call of Duty — there are infinite ways to show how much you care for your other half.

And then there’s this couple, who show us that there are no limitations to sharing your love both emotionally and physically.

A woman who goes by the name @punkzillaa on Twitter posted a poll on her page that has reached over 104,000 responses to what I guess was a very important question for her…

A Woman Used Her Boyfriend’s Balls To Apply Makeup To Her Face

As you can see from the results of the poll, 59 percent of the voters wanted to see Damon, the woman’s boyfriend, provide his balls as a beauty blender on her face because the internet wants what the internet wants. And goddammit, if the internet wants to see balls dabbed over a forehead, the internet will get its way and receive balls to the forehead. Period.

And so, without further ado (and again, this is incredibly NSFW), we present to you Damon’s balls being utilized as tools for the application of make-up to one’s face. Go nuts!

I guess we all know what to get our girlfriends and wives for Valentine’s Day next year.

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