Mike Pence Forced Media To Watch This Sports Movie On Air Force 2 Flight

Vice President Mike Pence has been traveling the world with a pool of journalists, taking care of his incredibly urgent to-do lists such as visiting Korea’s DMZ, meeting with Australia’s prime minister, and forcing said press to watch Hoosiers.

According to reports, while on a flight from Indonesia to Australia, Pence’s press secretary told the media they would be “required” to watch the 1986 film starring Gene Hackman. Why? Because the former Indiana governor called it “the greatest movie ever made.” That’s why.

Hoosiers is based on the true story of the 1954 Milan, Indiana high school basketball team that shocked the state, becoming the smallest school to ever win the state championship after defeating Muncie Central. Milan’s entire school population hovered around 160 while Muncie’s was into the thousands. Since the game was before a ‘class’ system that broke up the small and large schools into different divisions, it truly was a story of David defeating Goliath.

Here’s footage from the real game:

And here’s the game-winning shot from the movie.

It’s easy to see why Pence would rank this as the ‘best sports movie ever.’ It’s one hell of a story. It’s fantasmal. It’s beast-mode. It’s romantic. It’s unreal, really. But remember, Pence is from Indiana. But objectionably, what is the best sports movie of all-time?

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In my opinion, the list of best sports movies goes:


Remember The Titans


A League Of Their Own

Field Of Dreams

Rocky IV



The Sandlot

Happy Gilmore




But that’s just me.

What is truly baffling is the fact that many commercial flights have their own wi-fi network, enabling flyers to watch their own movie of choice from their personal phone. You’re telling me friggin’ Air Force 2 doesn’t have that? But hey, I guess “required” means required.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.