Watch Tony Abbott Quotes Perfectly Mashed Up With Eminem’s ‘Without Me’

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made something of a return to the spotlight recently, with his frequent criticisms of current PM Turnbull’s government making for some pretty ridiculous news given his past pledges not to speak out against  old mate Malcolm.

Perhaps predictably, his words have caught the attention of YouTube legend Ace Alderman, who created that legitimately amazing mashup of Malcolm Turnbull quotes and scenes from hit Netflix show House Of Cards.

“Who could have predicted Tony just couldn’t keep his mouth shut…” wrote Alderman facetiously upon posting the clip to YouTube.

The chorus is truly incredible, with lines like “So the Liberal Party won’t let me be, they tried to shut me up on the ABC, no one can be happy with what they see but it feels so empty without me.”

Watch the glorious result below.