The Most Under-Appreciated TV And Film Actors In Hollywood

Photo: Universal Pictures

It’s no secret that Hollywood hides its best actors. We can only assume, like the idiot tossing a winning lottery ticket in the trash, they don’t know what they have. While people gush over the Ryan Goslings and George Clooneys of the TV and movie industry, there’s a whole world of under-appreciated actors right under your nose, some more obscure than others. But if you pay close attention, you’ll recognize most of these faces and wonder why you haven’t gone deeper into their catalog.

Although we’re glad to see talented actors the likes of Chris Pratt, Emily Blunt and Casey Affleck finally getting their due respect, the latter getting his despite being a gross tool, there are still plenty of great actors who pop in and out of TV and movies who deserve a firm standing ovation, or at the very least, a few clicks of the mouse.

If you’re smart, you’ll join us in celebrating these underrated actors of Hollywood by binging hard on Netflix, even if that means rolling up your sleeves and canceling all those plans you never wanted in the first place.

The Most Under-Appreciated TV And Film Actors In Hollywood

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