These Things Happened 15 Years Ago, And Now You’re Old As Hell

Photo: Olaf Selchow (Getty)

Like you didn’t already feel ancient when we told you your teen heartthrobs were old as hell? Now we have to go and remind you of all the things that happened 15 years ago so you really feel old as hell. Whether you were a fan of Britney or “Dirrty” Christina, thought Ben Affleck was talented or were smart enough to know better, or if you just enjoyed watching Michael Jackson almost drop babies off hotel balconies, 2002 was an intensely interesting time to be alive. But now these things are mostly obsolete.

The popular music (Eminem), hot movies (George Lucas Star Wars) and winning sports teams (Lakers) were very different back then. Some of it was actually good, especially since autotune wasn’t quite what it is now. Although, Nickelback was running the radio so it’s hard to say if things were better. What we do know is these things we’re about to show you are vital reminders and tangible proof that you are in fact 15 years older than you were in 2002, and that you’re incredibly old as hell. But then again, we still have Stars Wars, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Spider-Man and the Patriots winning the Super Bowel, so who the hell knows?

These Things Happened 15 Years Ago, And Now You’re Old As Hell

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