Jay-Z Fans Will Have One More Problem Finding His Music

Photo: Jim McIsaac (Getty Images)

Jay-Z has done the equivalent of taking his ball and going home with it by pulling all of his albums from Spotify and many of his greatest hits are now missing from Apple Music.

Fans looking to start their week off by streaming “Big Pimpin’” will have to go to Jay-Z’s own Tidal service, where his dozen studio albums now reside.

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The power move is the latest shot fired in the ongoing streaming wars (I’m sure an Aaron Sorkin-penned movie is already in the works), as the flailing Tidal tries to remain relevant after the rapper, entrepreneur and husband to Beyonce, rolled out his own streaming service in 2015 after being critical of how streaming companies like Spotify pay musicians for their work.

Ironically, in a third act twist, a new Frank Ocean song featuring Jay-Z (and Tyler the Creator) is now available on Apple Music after debuting on the R&B crooner’s Blonded radio show on Beats One. Tune in below.