The Top 10 Actresses Who Should Play Batgirl

It broke yesterday that Warner Bros. has nearly sealed a deal with Avengers director Joss Whedon to write and direct a standalone Batgirl feature film, which will usher Barbara Gordon into the DC movie universe. Unlike the 75+ years of history that Batman or Nightwing have under their capes, it’s only been 56 years since Batgirl’s debut in April of 1961 (still… longer than most Marvel Comics characters). Babs also spent a very important stint as the Oracle, feeding exclusive information to the Justice League, which may offer an insight into where her big screen journey may end up.

Joss Whedon is very well known for his affinity for young female characters (Kitty Pryde, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, River Tam, Echo), and the high regard with which the geek community regards him, making him a very attractive choice for Warner Bros. to bring on board for their second solo female superhero movie.

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Barbara Gordon is a character that could require a specific look (if she is going to retain her classic comic book appearance with the red hair), an aptitude for physicality and hand-to-hand combat along with significant brain power. Ideally, the actress to the take on the role should be able to handle Star Trek- level technobabble with ease and grace while simultaneously handling Whedon-level quips, do a certain amount of her own stunt work, and maybe look a little bit like J.K. Simmons who plays Commissioner James Gordon beginning with the Justice League movie (maybe).

To date the most famous portrayal of Batgirl is probably Yvonne Craig from Batman ‘66, which would put this new actress in a unique position to define Barbara Gordon for a new generation of moviegoers. There are still a lot of details up in the air about how Babs will be interpreted: Will she be a love interest for Dick Grayson? Will we believe that she can work with the Justice League? Does she work as a librarian by day?

There are plenty of fan favorite picks, but here we have our own. Here is Crave’s list of…

The Top 10 Actresses Who Should Play Batgirl

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