Exclusive Preview | ‘Rogue’ Season 4 Episode 2

Revenge is never far behind on the final season of Rogue, but Ethan Kelly has bigger problems to deal with. We got a glimpse of his future in the fourth season premiere, and in just a few months, he’ll be staring down a bullet from Mia Rochland and he may not even know it’s coming. But first, Ethan has to deal with a crooked cop, now that he’s back in San Francisco.

Ethan came home and tried to do right by Ray’s wife, April, and Ray’s brother, Tommy. But things went south when Ethan tried to get Tommy out from under the thumb of a drug dealer. To make things worse, Tommy’s apparently been killed by a crooked cop named Casey Oaks, and he’s made it his business to get Ethan under his control. Meanwhile, Mia made an alliance with Marty Stein, and she was broken out of custody a short time later. But if you think Mia is going let some time pass before she goes after Ethan, then you don’t know Mia!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview scene from this week’s Rogue, Mia closes in Ethan by pretending to be his wife. And as you’ll soon see, she’s quite good at getting what she wants. That’s definitely going to be bad news for Ethan, especially now that he’s among people that he cares about.

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Audience Network has also released the following description for this week’s episode of Rogue:

“Ethan has to navigate a dirty cop. Having escaped from federal custody, Mia’s on the hunt for Ethan. Meanwhile, Patrick’s on Mia’s trail. Clea investigates Maria’s murder.”

The next episode of Rogue season 4 will be broadcast Wednesday, March 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Audience Network.

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Photo Credit: Audience Network