The Mega Man Cartoon Looks Like an Abomination

Mega Man’s had a rough time of things in recent years. The cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, MMO Mega Man Online and 2D platformer Mega Man Universe have each disappointed the old-school Capcom mascot’s loyal fan base, while its spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 received a tepid critical and consumer response.

But despite the last entry in the Mega Man series, Mega Man 10, being released all the way back in 2010, the Blue Bomber is iconic enough that he’s still getting a brand new cartoon. Unfortunately, its debut teaser trailer is less than promising.

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The major quibble we have is with Mega Man’s design. While he’s still equipped with his familiar blue, Tron-esque outfit and arm cannon, but something about him is a little… off. Maybe it’s his lanky body, glowing blue eyes or bulbous head, but whatever it is, it isn’t nearly as appealing as the hero’s Mega Man X appearance. Then there’s the CG animation, which looks incredibly bland, and whatever the little critter is that seemingly lives inside his brain. Seriously, what is that thing? It looks like Mega Man’s lore is about to get a lot more interesting when it attempts to explain why a tiny man is hiding out inside his head.

The cartoon, which has been created by Dentsu Entertainment, is rumored to launch on Disney XD. The studio has yet to confirm this information, though it should release at some point later this year.

Take a look at the Spanish version of the trailer below. The English version was also leaked, but was promptly removed by Dentsu: