Here’s A Matador Getting 11 Inches Of A Bull’s Horn Up His Ass

Photo: YouTube

Give me the choice between a 150-pound man in tights or an enraged bull tipping the scales at 1,160 pounds, and I’ll throw my kid’s college fund down on the bull every single time. Unfortunately for matador Antonio Romero, I would have actually won my bet this time around.

According to the Daily Mail, Romero had his anal sphincter “destroyed” by a nearly 1,200-pound bull named Caporal in Mexico City Sunday afternoon when he lost his balance, fell to the ground and then got “punctured 11 inches deep in his rectal area.”

Check out the attack below that starts at 0:25.

Here’s A Matador Getting 11 Inches Of A Bull’s Horn Up His Ass

Look, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s hard to feel bad for a dude who is toying with a 1,200-pound beast that isn’t in the ring by choice and will be slaughtered at the end of the event when he takes one of the bull’s horns up his poop chute.

The “sport” of bullfighting along with the act of blowing pepper up the bull’s nostrils to enrage it might have been something that was considered humane in the 12th century, but so was the act of beating the mentally ill senseless in an effort to “teach” the illness out of them.

Most of us have come a long way since those times, and there is nothing about bullfighting that can be considered tolerable in 2017, not even what they’re making the matadors wear.

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