Jack Russell Terrier Fails Agility Course So Badly That We All Win

It doesn’t take much for a dog to make you laugh. Something as simple as a little audible flatulence usually does the trick. Another surefire method would be when they get a hold of things they shouldn’t, such as false teeth, and walk around with them like it’s a completely normal thing to do.  The bottom line is that the harder they try, the bigger the hilarity.

Cue this winning (although losing, obviously) attempt by 2017 Crufts dog show competitor Olly:

Jack Russell Terrier Fails Agility Course At Dog Show

If you didn’t figure it out by watching the video above (hopefully several times over), this particular Jack Russell Terrier is a rescue, which is heartwarming enough to overlook the fact that he’s just awful at competing in dog shows. Seriously, this guy is worse than Wilfred. And that was a fictional TV show specifically designed to make you laugh at a dog’s poor behavior.

If you’re more into dogs who relinquish the spotlight to others: Here’s Emily Ratajkowski Walking Her Dog While In Lingerie For Some Reason

On the plus side, at least Olly gave the guy commentating the event some hearty chuckles. Unfortunately, there are no awards for last place as far as we know.

h/t Uproxx


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