Raccoon Tries To Steal Hot Model Janna Breslin’s Lunch

Photo: YouTube

There was food, and she’s a hot model, so you really can’t blame the raccoon.

Raccoons sure love stealing food, and if you need an example you can just check out this raccoon who went on a Mission: Impossible routine just to get some doughnuts. And the raccoon in this video was no different, but instead of some doughnuts, he was all about model’s Janna Breslin’s lunch.

Bresline was on a stand up paddleboard tour at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida, when out of nowhere a curious raccoon shows up and tries to grab himself a lunch.

Check out the video below thanks to Breslin’s YouTube.

Raccoon Tries To Steal Hot Model Janna Breslin’s Lunch

Here’s what Breslin had to say about the encounter.

I’m not happy I had to bonk him on the head, I tried to nicely keep him away from me and my things but once I felt he was not going to let go of my clothing and food, I made a split decision to make sure my belongings were safe. As you can see he swam away and was totally fine. We even saw him walking around an hour later and tried to come up to us again haha

Breslin is one hot model, so this raccoon couldn’t stay away.

How hot is she? Well, see for yourself thanks to her Instagram, because we are the only site that can bring you a raccoon video and a hot model’s photos all in one post.

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