The Crappiest Twist Endings Ever In Movies

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We love a good movie, but it’s a bit of a commitment these days to give something two hours of our time when we rarely give anything more than two seconds. You can imagine how we feel when we invest such scarce free time from our important lives into movies with the crappiest twist endings ever (i.e. most things by Shyamalan). From Signs to The Sixth Sense and from classics like Planet of the Apes to heavy fan favorite like The Dark Knight Rises, we’re finding some of the moviegoer’s favorite films are riddled with late-in-the-game plot holes and crap twist endings.

It’s not easy being original in film these days, but that doesn’t necessarily endorse the idea of putting out a pile of garbage at the end of a long build-up, especially when it’s with our favorite superheroes, greatest directors or long-awaited reboots.

Have a look at the crappiest twist endings in ever in movies and see if you agree with us or if you can think of some better ones. Leave it in the comments section, or just eat our shorts because we really don’t care what you think. Kidding! Or are we?

The Crappiest Twist Endings Ever In Movies

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