John Cena Blessed Us With The Best Nintendo Switch Ad Yet

Nintendo enlisted the aid of WWE Superstar John Cena to help promote the Switch, giving the 16-time WWE Champion a hands-on session with the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While we’ve been somewhat critical of how Nintendo has marketed the Switch thus far, John Cena has helped produce what is unarguably the greatest piece of advertising for the console yet.

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Cena posted the following tweet of his giant, foam finger-esque wrestler hands holding the Switch’s portable display, looking pretty pleased with himself and enjoying his experience with the console:

If you think that the above image is some form of optical illusion and that his hands can’t realistically be that big, then take a look at this other angle of him playing with the console. We used to think his ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’ was a ridiculous signature move, but after seeing the size of these things it’d probably feel like having a giant cartoon ham leg dropped on your face:

But if Cena and his giant hands weren’t enough to capture your attention, he also took to Instagram to share his own take on the ad, and if there was any doubt Cena boasts the crossover potential of former WWE competitor The Rock, this should disprove it:


For those not familiar with Cena’s gimmick in WWE, he’s a man who runs around wearing jorts and colorful t-shirts, beating people up before repeating the refrain: “You can’t see me!” He often says this catchphrase while waving his hand in front of his face, to emphasize just how little his opponent is able to visualize him. The above Instagram post, in which he has been edited out of the ad, is a reference to his invisibility.

Well played, Cena. Well played.

Nintendo will launch the Switch on March 3, but click right here to see a guy who already managed to get his hands on one of the consoles.

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Image Credit: Nintendo of America