Ranking Our 11 Favorite Buddy Cop Movies of All Time

Photo: New Line Cinema 

It occurred to us that, amongst all the kinds of movies that routinely come out, buddy cop duos are our favorites. With all the superhero crap clogging up the cinema screens, we need good buddy cop comedies to offset the capes and comic books. While Stop or My Mom Will Shoot is a favorite to some, and Die Hard is only half a buddy cop duo (they tried changing that in the fifth installment but it blew), we have 11 sweet buddy cop duos that span over decades of film.

Ranking buddy cop films is no easy chore, as each one seems to have its own unique twist. You’re mixing the fat guy with the fast guy, the nerd with the badass, the narc with the drug dealer, the young with the old, and, of course, racial profiling. But we’ve been lucky enough to have some of our favorite actors in these roles, from likely actors like Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks and Channing Tatum to the very unlikely actors like Jonah Hill, Chris Tucker and Melissa McCarthy. If you haven’t watched these hit movie buddy cop duos, we highly suggest you entertain yourself immediately with them, since everybody is sick lately (mostly of bullshit superhero movies).

Ranking Our 11 Favorite Buddy Cop Movies of All Time

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