Forward This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to Your Girl

Valentine’s Day is a guy’s least favorite holiday. Nothing about it is for us, and it almost always leads to an empty wallet or disappointment. But we get it – you love pink and red, you love hearts, flowers, chocolates, and everything else the day entails. You even love… love. And that’s adorable. And you’re pretty, too – so we’ll spend hours struggling to figure out if we want to go the traditional route with date and flowers, or get creative with hand-made love coupons for a 30-minute foot massage and a night of binge-watching Sister Wives.

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Men don’t want flowers, or chocolate, or even romance (that’s not our style) – usually we’re more than happy to receive “physical goods” from you as appreciation for our job well done. But if you’re the type to go the extra mile and get your guy a gift too – and you must be, you clicked – then the below gift guide will give you an idea of what all men want. You know, besides sex.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys:

Photo Credit: Robert Daly/Getty Images.