Jack’s Back In The New ‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5 Trailer

For 13 long years, we’ve waited for Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network to wrap up the saga of Samurai Jack. Through four seasons, viewers watched as a samurai prince from the distant past struggled to adapt to life in the future. Making things even more difficult, the future was ruled by Aku, the demon who banished Jack in the first place.

Next month, Adult Swim will premiere the fifth season of Samurai Jack as a limited series event. And while we’ve waited over a decade for closure, it seems that Jack has been waiting even longer. In the newly released trailer, Jack reveals that he’s trapped in the future for 50 years, even though he no longer seems to age. Jack has also apparently lost his signature sword and his sense of hope. But he’ll need to get back both if he’ll ever have a chance of getting back to the past where he belongs.

The new trailer also gives a showcase to Jack’s newest adversaries: a band of masked female warriors who will stop at nothing to end his life. But even a broken Samurai Jack is going to fight back with everything that he has!

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Story details are still scarce for the new season, but it has been reported that Aku has destroyed every time portal that goes back to the past. However, the series previously hinted that Jack would eventually return to the past after decades in the future. That suggests that at least one portal remains, even if it means that Jack will have to get a rematch with one of the few warriors to ever successfully defeat him in combat.

Samurai Jack will premiere on March 11 at 11pm, only on Adult Swim.

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Photo Credit: Adult Swim