31 Years Represented By One Word

It’s a funny thing. Bad news often becomes the biggest news of the year. Take a look back — see for yourself. It seems each year, we’re inundated with one news story that dominates the headlines. In 2015, for example, we witnessed the epic transformation of Bruce Jenner into a woman by the name of Caitlyn. It’s entirely subjective whether this constituted bad news or good news depending on how sick of hearing about it you were by the time the story finally cooled off. Nonetheless, it was the biggest news.

Many of the following words chosen were up for debate. We chose the victor according to sheer popularity within our increasingly ADHD brains. The tragic. The absurd. The great. We considered it all. Last year, a word that rhymes with “pump” captured the attention of nearly every person on the globe. In that spirit, we gathered together a dossier — not a Russian one –highlighting everything earth-shattering since 1986. Some inspiring good; some heartbreaking and sad.

Without further ado, we present 31 years and 31 words to describe them. If you disagree with our results, do us a favor and shitpost in the comments. For in the wise words of Malik “Barack’s brother” Obama, “Shitposting is what we have in common. It breaks down the barriers we put up between ourselves.”

31 Years Represented By One Word

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