The Academy’s Biggest Losers | When Oscar Nominations Go Bad

When movies get a lot of Oscar nominations they tend to go home with quite a few of them. That’s something the makers of La La Land are no doubt counting on. Their film has earned a record 14 Academy Awards nominations, a feat only matched by two other films in history: All About Eve and Titanic, two movies that each went home with the Best Picture trophy and quite a few others.

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But for every winner there must also be a loser, and sometimes a lot of Oscar nominations doesn’t necessary lead to a lot of wins. In fact, sometimes a lot of Oscar nominations lead of losing. Throughout the history of the Oscars there have been a significant number of films that earned an incredible number of nominations and didn’t win a single trophy. They get to stay in the Academy’s record books, but with a little asterisk next to their name.

Still, it’s an honor to be nominated, and many if not all of the Academy’s biggest losers are worth remembering, even if coming up short has kept them out of the conversation a bit. Let’s take a look at the films that earned the most Oscar nominations without winning a single prize, as we wonder if La La Land will end up joining them.

When Oscar Nominations Go Bad | The Academy’s Biggest Losers

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