‘Catfish’ Creators Filming Reality Show Featuring Trolls “Sick of Fake Gamer Girls”

A new reality TV show from the makers of Catfish is casting “internet trolls” who are “sick of fake gamer girls,” and who also disagree with “feminism, “Black Lives Matter” and “trans issues,” among other things.

The show’s producers have sent out listings on Craigslist and Backstage, with Beyond the Keyboard looking set to be a hugely contentious reality show that will allow trolls to give the people they harass – such as “fake gamer girls” and “boobie streamers” — a “piece of [their] mind.” Here’s the listing from its Craigslist ad:

“Are you sick of fake gamer girls and “boobie streamers” racking up HUGE followings on Twitch and YouTube while real gamer channels go unfollowed?

Do you make sure to give them a piece of your mind in their live chats and comments sections? If so, we want to hear from you!

The creators of Catfish: The TV Show are developing a new docu-series about Internet trolls and the people they torment.

On our program, you’ll have the opportunity to confront the phony gamer of your choosing face-to-face and show them what geek culture is really about.

If this opportunity interests you, please reply to this message with a recent photo, phone number, and brief description of your situation.”

In a now-expired ad on Craigslist Atlanta, the casting calls goes even further in its description of who should apply, with the show looking for people who have strong opinions on the topics “Feminism, Gaming, Vegans, Conspiracy Theories, Rival Sports Teams, Syrian Refugees, Immigration, Black Lives Matter, LGBT/Trans issues, etc.”


Anita Sarkeesian has become a target for many gamers who also oppose feminism, the exact people that ‘Beyond The Keyboard’ is casting.

The wording of these ads is odd, with them suggesting that the show is going to help these trolls confront the people they’ve been harassing online, yet explicitly making reference to them tormenting women. This leads me to believe that this show is looking to convince the trolls that they’ll be shown in a positive light, when in fact it’ll be doing the exact opposite — I mean, they couldn’t actually take the trolls’ side in this argument, could they?

Catfish was a show broadcast on MTV, though there’s no word yet on which station will pick up Beyond The Keyboard. It’s also unknown whether the original show’s hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph will take over presenting duties this time around, or whether new presenters will take the helm. Either way, it sounds like a terrible concept that will only serve to stir up more co